29 March 2012

Sweets and Spring

I'm taking a little spring break from crafting, but that doesn't mean a lack of inspirations. Today, I'm taking you to New York City's Upper East Side.

I thought it TADA! to make a pilgrimage to Laduree's first flagship store in the US.

Laduree is the well-loved Parisian patisserie.  

They sell tiny sweets like chocolates, even packaged tea 
and marmalade.

However, their macarons are the reason for long line at the store. Macarons are skillfully made bite-size confections in pretty pastel shades, with a slight crunch and delicate flavor.

Within the store, there is also a section with gifts such as candles, scarves, and stationery. 

I think the boxes themselves are enough reason to make a purchase! 

I didn't want to be too indulgent, just a small paper bag for me. 

With two macaron flavors: caramel with fleur de sel and cherry blossom. I took these with me to Central Park.

This is Central Park at this time of the year. 

The trees have awakened from their winter slumber. 

 How lucky is this statue, to be surrounded with a cloud of pink!

Cherry blossoms overhead

 The flowers up close

 I joined these picnickers...

Took in this view...

...and got a taste of spring under a canopy of blooms.

And that's how my day went from blah to TADA!
I wish you a TADA! day too.


  1. The cherry blossoms look amazing!

  2. Yes Vic, they are spectacular...I wish they can stay on trees forever :)
    Thanks for visiting today!


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