02 March 2012

Leather and Studs

Hey, hey, hello Friday!

Did you enjoy the shopping trip this week?

If you're ever in New York City, stop by Kate's Paperie and pick up a souvenir. It doesn't need to have a "New York" logo on it. A leather journal, a fancy pen or a box of note cards are useful objects to remember your trip by. 

But if you want a terrific discount, maybe a trip to their warehouse sale could be squeezed into your agenda? This season's sale ends today at their New Jersey office. For future sales, visit their website or be part of the mailing list.

Hunting through the bins has given me much pleasure. Even if I decided on a $20 budget, I came out with an armload of goodies! I've found books, stationery and stuff for arts & crafts. 

I bought this heavy duty awl. It's used for making holes for easier sewing. The wooden ball rests in the palm of your hand for a comfortable grip and the ice pick-like edge makes  holes even in thick material like book pages, heavy cardboard and leather.

Originally selling for $13.50, I got mine for only $2.00!

I was inspired by this piece of jewelry and
luckily found some blah materials 
in my stash. 

I made holes on the leather strip using the awl.
A ruler helped me make even spaces 
between holes.  

Then I sewed the silver beads onto the 
leather strip with a needle & thread.

As a finishing touch, attach clasps to the ends. 

TADA! My very own beaded wrap bracelet! 

Wear it alone...

...or stacked with other bracelets from 
your collection.

Please have an exhilarating weekend! 


  1. Love this idea! Its so easy and the results are very professional-looking!

  2. Thanks Lauren! What a compliment from a jewelry-lover like you :)

  3. I love your take on this beautiful bracelet. I'd like to share it on my blog!

  4. I'd be honored Lily! Thank you :)

  5. Claire: I have a link to this post on my blog! I plan to make one soon, too. Lily


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