21 March 2012

Goodies for Sale

It's all about bake sales this week. Today, we'll talk about the yummy part -- the baked goods for sale!

Start off with a list of baker volunteers and determine what each one will make. There should be a good variety of products that will appeal to different ages (kids and adults) and groups (individuals or families). Also consider the vegans, health buffs and those suffering from food allergies (ex. nut or gluten)...they are potential customers too.

Make it an event and involve the family or a group of friends. Choose a recipe that you've tried before; one you know will turn out tasty. It shouldn't be too difficult, ingredients shouldn't be too expensive (to keep the cost low), and should be able to produce a large batch. 

Here are some popular bake sale goodies:

 Cupcakes, muffins and loaf breads


 Handmade chocolates and truffles

Sweets on a stick like candy apples and cake pops 

Pies and tarts

Or why not something from a different culture like
these Greek desserts?

It's a good idea to include beverages like coffee, 
milk or juices.

Now that the merchandise is ready, don't forget to label them. 
A perfect time for blah to TADA!

blah: empty cardboard boxes

Cover them with paper...

...and attach to a skewer or toothpick with clear tape.

Write the name of the baked product and
corresponding price.

TADA! Instant labels with very little expense
involved, plus some recycling accomplished!

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