22 March 2012

Bake Sale Packaging

Planning a bake sale is the week's topic and we've touched on items to sell, how to promote the event, and a few ideas on how to decorate the area.

Today, let's talk about packaging.

On the day of the sale, the baked goods are set out on trays, baskets or inside cookie jars as they wait to be purchased. I think it's always thoughtful to do a little blah-to-TADA!  For example: 

Re-use food packaging like fruit containers and plastic boxes (thoroughly clean them beforehand) to save you some cash.

Or if  buying brand new, consider the more eco-friendly option of paper boxes or reusable containers. 

Use paper bags or make some envelopes from tissue.

When people buy goodies by the piece, don't just hand them the truffle or cookie. Send them off with a paper napkin as well.

Or maybe you'd like to use fresh coffee filters?

Find inexpensive ones at the supermarket or dollar store.

Then tuck in the cookie or cupcake. TADA!

By the way, also have some paper bags in different sizes on hand...

...for those who want to buy multiple items and for clean-up later in the day.


  1. cool.cool.cool!
    By the way I've tagged you in the 11 questions on my blog!
    You can check it out if you'd like (http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com/2012/03/11-questions-challenge_23.html).
    I wish you a great weekend!! =)

  2. Hi Deborah! Thanks for visiting and for including me in your list :)

  3. Okay I am excited about this packaging..makes me want to have a bake sale!! I love the coffee filter idea..I'm snaggin' that one for sure and the paper envelopes, how snazzy!
    Have a great weekend, Claire.

  4. You are a real cheerleader Betty! Thanks dear :) Happy weekend!


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