15 March 2012

Caffeinated Patterns

Cold, stale coffee is blah. Want to turn it into TADA!?

Start off with coffee left over from breakfast or your coffee break. We'll use it to make pretty patterns on paper.

Keep these old, blah items handy: an empty spritz bottle or medicine dropper. A squeeze bottle or turkey baster are other options.

Collect a small amount of coffee using any of the above tools, and make random drops/spritzes on a sheet of paper.  Allow to dry. Use some tissue to dab excess liquid or let the coffee slide off the page (into the sink) to create another kind of pattern. 

TADA! Here's what the patterns look like once dry.

Put these in a frame or turn these into 
gift wrap or stationery.

I made them into envelopes by cutting the paper
into a square and folding in the sides.

An old envelope can also be used as a pattern. Just open it up, trace it around the coffee-print paper, cut accordingly, and glue the edges.

TADA! These envelopes have a coffee scent, too.

As a finishing touch, I added a wax seal.

Hope you liked this blah to TADA! project.
Have a nice day!


  1. Thanks Justine! I hope you get to try it sometime :)

  2. neat! I like the coffee theme you have in the last few posts :)

  3. Hi Vic! Thanks for your visits and lovely comments :)

  4. Well Claire, I'm ready to spill a bit of coffee:) Great idea!

  5. Hi Betty! In this instance, it's alright to make a bit of a mess! :)


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