06 March 2012

Waxing Romantic

I really love bargains and one of my recent ones
is this wax stamp seal:

 I paid $1.00 for it and it was brand new!
I have yet to buy some sealing wax but I couldn't 
wait to use it, so I'm trying out everyday 
blah things like crayons.

Then I thought, "Why not try candles?"

Or what about birthday candles that are 
waiting to be tossed out?

Here's a package ready to be spruced up.

Some ribbon, a candle and wax seal stamp can help 
turn this blah package into...


Candles will melt in a lighter shade compared to
crayons and the impression left won't be that deep.
But I think it's still TADA!


  1. I wish I'd remembered candles... I did some craft when wraping the presents but used lacre and it isn't as easy to stamp on.

    Love the candle suggestion! You always come up with the best TADA ideas.



  2. Thanks Teresa! You have to practice on a separate sheet first and get the hang of pouring the candle wax because candles can be quite runny :)


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