01 March 2012

Royal Mail

One of my favorite paper shops in New York City is Kate's Paperie. Because I signed up on their mailing list, I found out about their warehouse sale events. I've been to several and I keep coming back. Why? Great merchandise at low, low prices.

There's an on-going warehouse sale this week {last day is tomorrow} at their New Jersey office {40 Rockwood Place, Englewood, NJ 07631}. I'm telling you not because I'm getting anything for this. This is a free plug! Let's face it, times are hard and paper goods can be expensive {that's why I often make my own}, but you'll get good bargains here. This is too TADA! and not sharing it with you would be blah.

Here are two packs of blank single-page cards. They're made of card stock with matching glassine envelopes. There are a dozen cards in each pack and I got them for $1.00 each {they would fetch up to $10.00 without the discount}.

One pack contains red zigzag-edge... 

 ...and gray scalloped-edge cards.

They're beautiful as is but isn't 
embellishment a cool idea?

Remember the bag of scrap
I've got a few more unused pieces:

Tiny gold decorations. I'm not sure what
they would be used for. 

 A band leader hat, sombrero & sword.

 Crowns & the eagle from the 
U.S. Presidential seal.  

I attached these to the cards with white glue.
Here's what they look like now:

I wonder if President Obama would 
use this. LOL!

Stationery fit for a king. 

Perfect for an upcoming fiesta. 

Chivalry {and thoughtfulness} isn't dead.

If I may say so myself, these cards just 
turned from blah to TADA!

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