19 March 2012

The Bake Sale

I hope you all had a terrific weekend! 

There was a bake sale at church a few Sundays ago and this got me dreaming up of some blah to TADA! ideas. I've never participated in a bake sale before, so let's consider this as a brainstorming session.

image via Real Simple
Bake sales are organised to raise funds for different groups like churches, schools and charities. 

The merchandise are usually sweet items that are baked at home and are donated by the bakers. These are commonly sold by the piece (ex. cookies or a slice of pie), but can also be sold as a whole (ex. one entire pie or whole loaf of banana bread). 

The prices are very friendly and the profits raised go to the group or charity. 

Sometimes, people don't necessarily want to buy for reasons like diet or food allergies, but they still want to support the cause. That's why it's good to have a donation jar on hand.

 blah: a clean deli container

 TADA!: instant donation jar

Plastic is ideal because it won't break when coins are donated. 

 But of course, I had to embellish, right?

Now won't this get some attention
and encourage gracious giving?

See you back tomorrow for more
bake sale suggestions!

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