30 March 2012

Flower Power

Yay, it's finally Friday! I hope you enjoyed the week.

 Spring is in the air and you'll find flowers everywhere.
No need to look that hard:

Bangles at Forever 21
Hand towels at Anthropologie
A new wardrobe from Anthropologie
Festive dresses at Anthropologie
Bed linen from Ikea
Table cloths from Ikea
Paper table napkins from Ikea
Ceramic plates with floral motifs at Ikea
Glass dinnerware from Ikea
Pretty floral drinking glasses also from Ikea
Food storage containers from Fishs Edy

Please add some flowers in your life -- they turn the every day from blah to TADA! 
Have a blooming weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos throughout the week..thank you for sharing Claire, now I want a pink cookie on that pretty plate from IKEA:)

  2. Thanks so much Betty! Enjoy your cookies :)


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