23 March 2012

Sweets on Display

Hooray it's Friday! I hope you picked up a few ideas on how to set-up a bake sale. It's a wonderful community and fund raising activity. Here are a few more notes on displaying your baked goodies:

Bring out the cake stands from your cupboards to show off the yummy cookies you made.

If you don't own one, you can easily get them at department stores, but scoring it at a flea market is way more fun. Or you can do some blah-toTADA! by making your own.

It's nice to have one that's got a cloche cover. So nostalgic and keeps food fresh and protected.

Don't these cake stands remind you of desserts in a diner?

Baskets are also a great way to display your goods. Line them with parchment paper and group baked goods together. Don't forget to add some labels.

These provide a cohesive look but still has that homemade appeal.

A box made of plexiglass allows customers to see the products and the products in turn are kept safe from the elements. Large glass or plastic containers can work as an alternative.

You can even experiment on a fantasy set-up like this one. Just one of the many tables by Amy Atlas.

Oh by the way, it's TADA! if you prepare a master list that will include a few talking points (ex. who is the beneficiary of the bake sale and what are their thrusts) in case customers are curious about the cause. Also have a list of baked goods for sale, the ingredients of each (ex. do they have peanuts or eggs that allergy sufferers need to avoid?), and a price list. 

Now we're ready. I wish you a successful bake sale!

For more bake sale ideas, you make check out this site. Happy Weekend!


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