03 April 2012

A Basket in Bloom

Easter is this Sunday. And if you're into egg hunts and Easter baskets, I have a handful of ideas just for you.

This is today's inspiration. 

I'll give this empty yogurt container a make-over. 

Here's a collection of varying shades of pink paper gathered from gift wrapping and package stuffing. A ribbon, clear tape, scissors, and glue (white glue and hot glue) are the other materials we need. 

 Cut the paper into different sized petals.
Make sure there's at least a pair of each size.

Wrap the yogurt container in a sheet of plain paper to cover the busy design. Secure the paper to the container with tape or glue. Then, one by one, add the "petals".  

Add them alternately, keeping in place with clear tape, then reinforcing with a little bit of glue. 

When attaching the "petals", don't stretch them too much. Loosen them so the top folds will look natural.

 TADA! An Easter basket that resembles a rose!

Glue on some ribbon which becomes the handle. 

 Fill it with Easter eggs collected from the hunt.

Making a basket is all part of the fun!


  1. Another cute basket idea! Which one are you going with Claire or do you make different ones for Easter?

  2. Welcome to my blog Nuray! Thanks for visiting :)

    Hi Betty -- more baskets, more chances to get the golden egg, heehee! :)


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