12 April 2012

A Wallet Make-Over

Happy Thursday Everyone!

 If you've been tuning in, I've been turning these 
plastic food containers from blah to TADA!

 Clean it and cut around it so we end up with a flat sheet.
Create a stencil design with a craft punch or 
by drawing on it.

Another option is to trace a pattern. 
The clear material makes this task easy. 

 These images are from a newspaper.
 I used a permanent marker to trace these birds.

Make the stencil by cutting inside the lines, getting every
detail as possible with a pair of precision scissors. 

I'll use the stencil to brighten up this old, blah wallet. 
It's in a charcoal shade.

The inside has many pockets and a logo revealing 
that the wallet's a freebie. 

Position the stencil and hold this in place with tape. 

 Fill in with color using a marker or paint.
{You may have to define/clean-up the edges 
with marker once the stencil is removed.}

 Add a few patterns inside the wallet.

 TADA! Doesn't it have more character now?

A once blah wallet is now TADA!, thanks to some stencils!


Your comments are very much appreciated!