02 April 2012

Easter Baskets

Happy Monday! After that outdoorsy break last week, I'm back, getting my craft on. 

When you have allergies like I do, a box of tissue must be within arm's reach. When I replenish my stash at the supermarket, blah to TADA! transformations are always in my mind. That's why aside from softness and price, an attractive box is also part of the criteria in choosing which tissue to buy.   

Once this blah box is empty, here's what it can become:

An Easter basket! TADA!

I cut off the top of the box and trimmed it to yield two rectangles. These become the handles of the basket, secured in place with lots of hot glue. 

I added some ribbon to trim the top and lower half of the box for added color, and to conceal the brand name.

Add some decorative tissue paper or a plastic bag in a solid color to line the inside of the basket.

This basket is ready for an Easter egg hunt,
don't you agree?

Wishing you a colorful day!


  1. Just last week I threw an empty tissue box in the recycle bin and as I did that I had a fleeting thought..'what would Claire use this for?' and now I know:) Would it be weird if I emptied a new tissue box?? :)
    I love this idea, it's so pretty, thanks for sharing Claire!

  2. Hi Betty! You are darling :) Have a great week!

  3. What a perfect way to use a tissue box for Easter! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Hi Vic! Thanks for sending me your sweet notes :)

  5. I made this basket! It's cute and will hold a few bunnies and eggs:)


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