13 April 2012

A Surprise for my Shoes

Several plastic food containers were fighting for room in my cupboard. Instead of banishing them to the trash, I turned them into stencils. Here's one more project to end the week:

 Clean and dry the blah containers.

I chose a design from the web and printed out a copy. 

Cut around the plastic container to yield a clear, flat sheet. Lay the sheet on top of the design, and trace it with a marker.

 Cut out the stencil with a sharp pair of scissors.
This will be useful to update another blah:

A shoe bag I picked up at the dollar bin of Target
a few years ago.  It's cute as is, but a little
decoration won't hurt.

I positioned the stencil at the center of the shoe bag and kept it in place with tape. I added some silver paint with a small foam brush. 

I applied 3 to 4 coats of paint in a brushing and dabbing motion. Then I let it dry for a few hours before gently removing the stencil.

 As much as I tried to be careful, the final design didn't come out with a neat edge.

To clean up the excess paint, I used some Q-tips and nail polish remover.  Good thing, my shoe bag is made of colorfast plastic.  

Here's a classier version of my original shoe bag.

I think I'm ready to plan a summer escape!

Have a wonderful weekend my dears!

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