25 April 2012

Travel Diary

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If you've been tuning in, the blah we're turning into a TADA! this week, are old maps. Today, I'm using them to prettify a few notebooks.

These pocket notebooks were 50 cents for a pack of two. What a steal, right? But I think the covers look quite blah. And you know what comes after that...

TADA! Notebooks that are ready to travel the world! 

Simply cut the map to fit the cover and 
adhere with a glue stick.

They're just the right size to fit a camera bag or jacket pocket. It's a handy tool to make lists, jot down expenses, or scribble mundane observations. 

They make a nice gift too.

Make it for yourself, share it with a friend and may you have many memorable vacations!


  1. Oh thank you Claire, I already have someone in mind for one of these 'map notebooks'..but I will not be stopping at one!

  2. What a great idea! While I can't read a map to save my life, I love the way they look. A friend of mine and Mr. Sequin's is a former map librarian, and she gave us some really beautiful ones. This makes me want to look for them so I can play around. :)

  3. Thank you very much for your comments Betty & Miss Saturday Sequins! :)

  4. so simple, but makes such a big difference! :) lisa

  5. Oh, hello, it's me commenting again! (I see myself right above here, hehe!) I clearly really like this idea because 3 years later it's still on my mind. I've included this post in a roundup of upcycled Mother's Day gift ideas on my website today. Thanks for sharing it! :) Lisa

    1. Thank you for all your visits Lisa! Thanks also for the feature on your blog! :)


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