06 April 2012

Confetti, Confetti

I made a couple of Easter baskets using stuff I found at home, like yogurt containers and plastic bags. A blah to TADA! transformation indeed. 

But I was left with these plastic bag remnants. Putting them to waste would be a total blah. Here's how they became TADA!:

A pair of scissors turned them into thin strips, and now they found new life as confetti! Use these to line an Easter basket or as cushion for everyday packages that need to be mailed.

I would also use them to add color to 
plastic Easter eggs. 

 They'll protect the candy inside.

They're the perfect substitute for Easter grass
that you buy at the store.

I wish you all a fun weekend and a Happy Easter!


  1. For my 'Easter grass' I shredded paper(different spring colors) I had saved for awhile. It's just as pretty as the stuff you buy in the store and I could recycle!
    Your grass looks pretty Claire..and you recycled as well. Tada!!
    A blessed Easter to you!

  2. Happy Easter Betty! I know, right? Why buy Easter grass when you can make it by recycling? I bet you did a wonderful job! :)


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