18 April 2012

Hanging Tough

Happy Wednesday! Before we get to today's project, let me share with you what I picked up from the news stand yesterday:

It's a special edition of Domino magazine! Domino was a shelter magazine that was shut down a few years ago, leaving a lot of fans like myself devastated. The pages were full of ideas on how to have a beautiful home by celebrating the lived-in look, finding beauty in the mismatched collection of high and low or brand new and thrift store finds (unlike those perfect homes you see in many magazines). Even if they came out with a book, and the editorial staff moved on to launch on-line magazines, I can't help but miss receiving a copy of Domino in my mailbox. This issue definitely turned my week from blah to TADA! 

Now on to today's blah to TADA! make-over. It's another jewelry rack idea.

Blah: Two hotplates {it protects the dining table from a hot-bottomed pot or serving dish} that I rescued from the trash. They're made of wood. One side is covered in a sheet of photographic paper. 

 The other side is covered in cork.

After a thorough cleaning, I gave both sides a new outfit using this Toile-inspired sheet of scrapbook paper and a slathering of white glue. I let the glue dry and smoothed out the bumps.

On one of the hotplates, I added a few nails in both front and back side.

Using a hammer/nails or wood glue, attach the two pieces to form an inverted capital letter "T". Folks, this is now a jewelry rack! TADA!

Remember Monday's project where we made some cardboard backing for handmade/vintage jewelry? All we need to do is add a hole on top of the cardboard using a hole punch.

 Insert the cardboard into the nails.
What did I tell ya? Jewelry rack!

Use longer nails to hold more items. 

Both sides of the rack can hold jewelry. When one side is running low on inventory, just flip the rack. One side {facing customers} is fully stocked and the other side {facing seller} can be replenished.

You can make something like this with excess wood from another project or brand new wood from the hobby shop or hardware store.

Hey craft fair, we're ready for you!


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