26 April 2012

City Charms

One of the first things I do when I vacation in a new city is to get a map. I like to explore, and while getting lost is part of the fun, losing your way all the time is not fun anymore. 

After my stay, the maps find their way in my suitcase and make the trip with me back home. They're all in a plastic bin in case I need to refer back to them. And how often does that happen? Almost never! So I've turned them into crafting materials. 

Being a sentimental fool is my excuse for hoarding things like maps, labels and receipts. I've decided to get rid of the maps, but not entirely.

Let me explain with this picture:
found on Etsy

Here's another one:
found on Etsy
Aren't they cute? I'll get to keep a small part of the map, wear it everyday, and it'll always remind me of my holiday. 

Here is my blah to TADA! version of the map necklace:

blah: metal pendants purchased at a 
jewelry supply store

TADA!: My very own map necklace!

Choose a favorite borough, town, city or country 
from a map. Glue it on the pendant, finish with a 
coat of Mod PodgeAdd a jump ring and string 
this on a chain. TADA!

Here's another one with a collection of cities I've been lucky to have visited and that have left a lasting impression on me: Rome, Paris, London and Amsterdam.

It's also a thoughtful gift for a friend -- find a city where she grew up, or where you met, or even a place she dreams of going to one day. Now I think that's TADA! 

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