04 April 2012

Rainbow Ruffles

This week on the blogI'm puttering around the house to turn blah items into TADA! Easter baskets.

Yogurt or ice cream containers like this are perfect for the task. It just needs a new outfit. 

Colorful plastic bags act as "fabric".

Cut them into strips. 

Run a threaded needle at the center of the plastic strip. Gently pull the thread so that a ruffle is created. The ruffled strip should approximate the height of the yogurt container. Finish by knotting the end of the thread.

Make a bunch of ruffled strips, enough to cover the face of the yogurt container.

Here's what it looks like now after attaching the strips with double sided tape or hot glue.  It's dressed up for a fiesta! 

 Add a ribbon handle with hot glue.

Then fill it with Easter treats that are as 
colorful as the bucket! TADA!


  1. This basket would bring a sparkle to a child's eye! Oh Claire, who am I kidding, it would do the same for any adult:)

  2. This basket's ready to party! Thanks Betty dear :)


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