20 April 2012

Let 'em Dangle

Yippee yay, it's Friday!

Today's jewelry rack idea is made of these blah materials: cardboard and paint stirrers {free from the hardware store}.

We'll need these too: ruler, pencil, paint brush, scissors, hole punch, paint and hot glue

Cut the cardboard into thin strips {about 1 inch for the width and 10 inches for the length}. We'll need three to five pieces of these.

Glue at least two paint stirrers together to 
form a sturdy foundation.

Here's what the jewelry rack looks like after painting the pieces individually and gluing them together on a wooden base. The paint stirrer is at the center and the cardboard strips intersect it.

Make pairs of holes across the cardboard strip with a hole punch {do this after painting the strip}. Avoid making holes at the mid-point of the cardboard strip because this area will be glued to the base. 

 Use the holes to attach stud earrings or 
hang ones that dangle.

TADA! A display rack for earrings for your dressing table at home, or for your booth at the craft fair or tag sale. Have a sparkly weekend my lovelies!


  1. Oh Claire, you are the gal with all the ideas..wish you lived closer so I could 'lean on your help' for my garage sale:)

  2. Oh Betty, I know we'll have an awesome time if we did a garage sale together...I'd buy your stuff and maybe you'll buy mine! Heehee :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. But how do you put the stirrers to the foundation...?

    I really like this idea!

  4. Thanks for the comment Anonymous! I used hot glue (super glue is another alternative) to attach the stirrers to the base. If your earrings aren't heavy, this should hold up well. :)


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