13 April 2009

A Box-full of Ideas

It's a brand new week and I certainly hope you had a good Easter!
This week
we'll be transforming boxes in all shapes and sizes
from blah to Tada!

I'm a big fan of tea. It calms, soothes and is packed with health benefits. I like to try different brands but I'm particularly fond of Yogi Tea. Different blends, an inspiring quote attached to the string and beautiful packaging are the reasons why. C'mon, even the inside of the box is decorated:

Inspired by the beautiful art of Mehendi.

Turn the box inside out -- this is what you've got!

Here's an idea for a wedding: fill several of these boxes with rose petals. Distribute them to guests for them to shower the bride & groom when they leave the ceremony or as they enter the reception site!

See you tomorrow for another blah to Tada! idea.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)

  2. When I saw the inside of this box, I thought OOH! I could use that on a scrapbook page! I love what you did. So simple and charming.

  3. You're welcome Charin! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hi Vanessa! Yesterday I was at the supermarket and saw that Yogi Tea came out with new boxes. I had to take a peek to make sure the inside of the box still had that pretty pattern...they still do! I'm sure it'll be pretty on your scrapbook page =)

  5. This box is adorable! Cute idea!


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