17 April 2009

Packages and Parcels

Thank God it's Friday! This week we saw the transformation of different boxes from boring blah to terrific Tada!. Today is no exception. I'll recycle these packaging boxes culled from stuff ordered on-line or enclosed with a gift from across the world.

I'll use them for some packages I need to mail in the next couple of weeks (ex. birthdays, swap parties & Mother's Day). This will save me from buying a new box & prevent me from adding to the trash pile. But of course, I had to pick the good & sturdy-looking ones.

I dismantled the box and removed any old tape. Then I turned it inside-out so that the "ugly" side is inside. The loose flaps, I attached with a glue gun.

As a final step, I filled the box with festive paper and soon I'll be stuffing it with goodies for some very special people ('Ill share with you what I put inside in a future post).

The "new" box is clean & neat outside and imagine the look on the recipient's face when rummaging through this happy pile of confetti!

Happy weekend folks! May you receive lots of Tada! surprises!


  1. You have so many good ideas and what a great title for a blog about them! Thanks for the comment you left on mine.

  2. That is so great! Nice and clean on the outside. Great idea!

  3. Hi Claire - thanks for the comment on my blog, I hope you enjoyed your pootle!! Love your blog, best wishes Emmie x

  4. I love the beauty of simpicity! Now who would have thought to simply turn the box inside out? That is definitely an idea I will turn to in the future. I will not be sending boxes with the ugly side out again!

  5. Hi Ann, Zoe & Vanessa...thanks for your kind words! Have a good week ahead!


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