08 April 2009

L'il Devil

Whether it's Easter or not, most of us will find eggs inside our fridge. Once the eggs have been used up, it's bye-bye to the container. This week on blah to Tada!, we're finding new uses for the egg carton. I'm crediting today's tip to Rachael Ray. She mentioned it in a past episode of "30 Minute Meals" and every brilliant idea has to be shared, right?

Let's say you're going to a potluck party or a picnic. Why not bring deviled eggs?

Use your favorite recipe and put the filling into the cooked whites using a nifty piping bag
(a resealable bag snipped at the corner works well, too).

Transport the l'il deviled eggs to the party using a plastic egg container like this.

It helps maintain freshness and keeps the eggs from moving around.
Isn't that clever?

See you tomorrow for another Tada! idea.


  1. WOW! I browsed through your blog and really impressed with your creativity!

  2. You are so a creative and environmental friendly person! Tks for dropping at my blog. ;)

  3. Oh I do that! Only I just use a sandwich ziplok and cut a corner off. They look so cute all swirly! You can sprinkle with a little paprika or dill to have different colors too. I do love the idea of transporting IN the egg container. Good tip!

  4. Dear Little Miss Corner of Mine, Food for Tots and Vanessa...THANK YOU for coming over and leaving all those inspiring comments. See you again soon -- either here or at your respective blogs =)

  5. What great ideas you have. I will have to visit again soon. The Christmas decoration holder is a clever idea.

  6. What a great idea! :) I love the concept of recycling on your blog, thanks for visiting me :)

  7. Hi Rachelle and noobcook! Thanks for the visit and for your encouraging notes!


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