28 April 2009

Pink & Green Goodies

Hello everyone! It's all about inexpensive, earth-friendly and personalized gifts this week at blah to Tada! and yesterday I told you about a swap I joined hosted by Gypsy Mermaid. Our theme was "pink & green" and look at what I got from my awesome swap partner Becky:

I excitedly opened the big box that came in the mail and a wide smile appeared on my face when I saw this cute bag! I love bags! They're so dependable for groceries, carrying books from the library and keeping extra stuff accumulated on a trip like souvenirs and gifts for family & friends. I always carry an extra bag in my purse. If MacGyver has a Swiss Army knife, I have an extra bag...it has saved my life countless times!

I feel so special because Becky made this bag.
It's reversible, too, with stripes on one side and polka-dots on the other. How adorable is that? I've already baptized it as my official bag for summer...oh, the places we'll go!

There were more goodies inside the bag!

Like this lovely handkerchief which reminds me of afternoon tea parties and lace parasols. It's already a Tada! but I know what I can do with it to make it even more Tada!. But you'll have to wait for it in a future post!

I'm enjoying the scent of these pink votives. I already put them in clear glass votive holders, ready to be lit!

Don't you love the shade of pink on this gelato dish? I'm already dreaming up ice cream sundae concoctions as an excuse to use it. Vanilla Bean ice cream topped with strawberry slices (so sweet at this time of year) and a dollop of whipped cream in this compote spells P-A-R-T-Y!

Hershey's Kisses dressed in pink...can anything else be more romantic?
(I really like how chocolates dress appropriately for each season)

Any crafter will find use for scrapbook paper even if the craft of choice isn't scrapbooking!

How dainty are these pink & green beads, tulle, lace and vintage belt buckle! Trust me, even the clothes pins and pearl-head pins will be put to good use.

And finally, stationery and pens! I'm not sure if I told Becky that I enjoy the art of letter-writing but she was right on the money! They arrived at a time when my stationery supply is running low.

How wonderful are these gifts -- so personal from somebody I've never even met. Thanks again Becky! I must blame you for rubbing off the "swap bug" to a novice swapper like me!


  1. What lovely gifts!!

    I really love that gelato dish!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed everything. The little plants you sent are starting to sprout.

  3. Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!! you must have been sooo excited!!! this is all gorgeous!

  4. Hi Dee! Thanks for visiting =)

    Hello Rachel...I already served up some ice cream in my little pink dish. The ice cream tasted even better!

    Hi Becky...I love everything you sent! Wow...they're sprouting already! So fast!

    Hey Nuit -- I felt like a kid on Christmas morning =)

    Howdy Paula...yes, I discovered that swaps are sooo much fun!


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