27 April 2009

Swaps & Exchanges

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys had a fun Saturday and Sunday. This week on blah to Tada! we'll look at some cute gift ideas that won't break the bank, are earth-friendly and always come with a personal signature.

Let me begin the week by telling you about a package I sent to a lady I have never met. Why on earth did I do that and if I didn't know her, how would the gift be "personal", you ask? Well, I joined a SWAP hosted by the Gypsy Mermaid. A SWAP is exactly that: goodies are swapped with an assigned partner. The participants in this swap have something in common -- we are all crafters & bloggers. The items swapped can be old and new, don't necessarily fit a budget but follow a given theme. Our theme: "pink and green".

Here's what I sent to my partner Becky:

A "green" box

Remember this box? I talked about it two Fridays ago where I recycled an old but sturdy mailing box by turning it inside out. It's a good way to
reuse a box and save some bucks. I filled it was festive paper and the gifts I picked for Becky.

A personalized note

Even if we never met, we got acquainted thorugh e-mail exchanges and checking out each other's blogs. A little research is key to personalize presents. Her blog's name is Heart in my Hand
so I made her this card and wrote her a note inside.

Pink and Green snacks

There's a Japanese supermarket near where I live. I picked up these strawberry-filled cookies for afternoon snacking and Genmai-cha green tea to keep her in the "pink" of health.

Be green and plant a tree today

More green things in the form of a pop-up vase for freshly-picked flowers and little pots containing basil seeds and flower seeds...just add water and watch them grow. This will be an exciting spring project!

An egg-stra special surprise

I painted an empty egg carton and decorated it with pink and green stick-on flowers. Here's what I put inside:

Pink and green materials for crafting

Buttons and beads

Sequins, stickers and patches

Reuse & reduce for a greener earth

I also included a bag made from recycled plastic that she can use for storing her current craft projects that can be taken from room to room or when traveling. There's also a tumbler for her morning coffee or tea. It has a detachable inner sleeve which she can make her own by adding family photos.

What fun I had putting this together and what's more Becky got the package and she said I "nailed it"!

Tomorrow, I'll show you what she sent me!


  1. What great gift ideas! I like the egg carton/organizer!

  2. This is too cool! I can't wait to see what she sent you!

  3. Hi Zoe...it's so easy to jazz up your own egg carton =)

    Becky! Thanks again...you're an awesome swap partner! =)

    Nuit...you'll like what Becky sent me! =)

    Thanks everyone for visiting!


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