22 April 2009

Happy Earth Day!

It's Earth Day today! Why not do a little something for Mother Earth? Reuse, reduce, recycle...there are really a lot of things that we can do. Start today then make it a daily habit and soon enough we can make every day, Earth Day.

In this blog, we love to recycle -- turning blahs into Tadas! And this week, we're putting the spotlight on craftspeople from South Africa. Just look at how they turned soda cans like these from blah...

...into Tada!:

These are excess sheets of aluminum packaging, the stage before they're turned into soda cans. Instead of discarding them, local cooperatives collected them and used them as material for boxes! The edges and insides of the boxes are lined with leather so no sharp edges are exposed. Then they're bound together with string. Such simple materials resulting in a useful box to store anything and everything: a secret stash for snacks, a box for soup & gravy packets or a container for crafting materials. Totally Tada!!!


  1. These are so cool huh! Happy Earth Day! Everyone wear green today! I'm cheating, I only have one ugly green shirt so I'm going with green eyes. Hee hee! Hey, we should wear green ribbons...you know how they have ribbons for every other kind of memorial.

  2. Happy Earth Day!Looks like some fun blahtada by somebody!

  3. Hi Vanessa & Emmie...I think it's a good idea to wear green on Earth Day =)

  4. ,,,i really dig these aluminum recycles,,,and i especially covet april 22nd, it's mother earths b'day and mine too!,,,


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