07 April 2009

Eggs-tra Storage

On my blog this week, egg cartons have checked-in for a blah to Tada! make-over.
They do function as easy containers for seasonal storage:

I know that these cartons will keep my Christmas ornaments (especially those made of glass) safe and secure until I'm ready to decorate for the holidays. Packaging tape keep the boxes from opening and a label instantly tells me what's inside.

Please stop by tomorrow for another eggs-citing blah to Tada! idea!


  1. what a great blog!
    nice to meet you. ♥

  2. Thanks Rachel! Nice to meet you, too! =)

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog! I LOVE your blog. You are so awesome! I will totally be back!

  4. Hi Anna! Hi Vanessa! Thanks for visiting...drop by anytime =)


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