16 April 2009

Gather Ye Ribbons

Our blah to Tada! project today is related to yesterday's aluminum-foil-box-turned-gift-wrap-organizer. We're waving our magic wand on this box that once contained resealable freezer bags. But before I reveal the Tada!, let me show you how I came up with this idea...

I have ribbons like these, both brand new and recycled from old gift boxes, that I keep handy for birthday presents. I just stuff them in a plastic bag but they end up getting crushed wherever I store it. Such a blah! How do you revive a droopy ribbon anyway? So I thought it was better to keep them in a sturdier container...

Tada! By wrapping the box with an old map (you can use gift wrap or old magazine pages) and cutting off the box top, it now holds ribbons, keeping their shape! Also, it's easy to stash the box in a drawer or closet shelf.


  1. hello :)

    what a great blog! such cool ideas :)
    i always keep the boxes etc for the kids to do junk modelling - i didn't think about using them myself! we'll be fighting over them now ;)

    keep the great ideas coming :)

  2. Hi stripeymonkey! Glad that you stopped by and find my ideas useful =)


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