20 April 2009

Soda Cans

Happy Monday Everyone! We were blessed with very nice weather over the weekend and that was a real Tada! for me! I hope each of you had your own Tada! moment, too.

This week, I'm featuring cans again. There are just too many cans out there and it's good to know how we can make them more useful. Rather than doing the crafting myself, I'll show how how other people turn this blah into a Tada!:

Tada! Soda cans turned into mirror frames.
I found these at Art Africa, a cute gift shop in Durban, South Africa.
They're a little bit bohemian, a little bit quirky, but a lot of fun!


  1. These are funky cool...I'm envisioning lots of cuts and an emergency room trip it I did that. I think I'll just admire. ;)

  2. Loving your blog - its making me have lots of 'blah tada' moments at home! I'll post some of my tada's soon! Em

  3. Hi Vanessa & Emmie! Thanks for your visit. You're right, proceed with care when embarking on a craft like this =)


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