02 April 2009

Plastic to Fantastic

Today I will turn these blah plastic lids (from take-out containers) to a Tada! coaster.

Note: You'll need 2 lids to make one coaster

Step 1: Clean the lids & keep them spotless by wiping the surface
with rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: Cut off the rim using a pair of scissors so you're left
with two
flat plastic disks.

Step 3: Choose a design -- I picked the initials of my family members.
You can easily do this on the computer (use your favorite font)
them out and cut each letter at the outlines.

Step 4: Attach the letter/design at the center of one of the disks using
white glue & allow to dry.

Step 5: Sandwich the design with the other disk and seal the edges by holding them against a flame (a taper candle works well). Don't let the plastic touch the flame -- the heat will slowly melt the edges making the top & bottom disks to stick together. Allow to cool and put a weight on it (ex. a stack of books).

Tada!...you've got a cute coaster for your cold drinks
(hot coffee or tea mugs can warp the plastic).

Other ways to personalize your coaster: family photos, kids' artworks
or small notes & quotes.


Your comments are very much appreciated!