06 April 2009

Egg-stra Special Cartons

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Easter is right around the corner and appropriately enough I chose egg cartons for this week's blah to Tada! transformation.

Today's blah...

...is Easter Sunday's Tada!

To make the base:
  • Cut off the top part of the egg carton.
  • Cut the base in half so you'll end up with two bases that will cradle 6 vases each.
  • Make sure to "curve" the pointy edges of the carton with a pair of scissors.
To make the vases:
  • Make a hole (about 1 inch in diameter) on one end of a raw egg. Transfer the contents to a bowl. You may chose to use these right away or save them for later by placing them in a resealable bag (you can separate the yolks from the whites depending on how you'll use them in your recipes) and label them (ex. 3 yolks) before storing them in the freezer.
  • Wash the empty egg shells in warm water and allow to dry.
  • Fill the egg shells half-way with water and place these on the egg carton.
  • Tuck flowers (stems trimmed) and leaves into the vase.

This makes a darling centerpiece for your Easter brunch
that's eco-friendly, too!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy.

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I have been trying to figure out how to recycle all these old things I have around the house.


  2. this is awesome. just beautiful.

  3. Hi Anna! Hello Paula! Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving some very nice words =)


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