15 April 2009

Gift Wrapper Organizer

Does this ever happen to you: when wrapping gifts, small sheets of gift wrap are left over? What do you do? You probably can guess by now that I don't throw mine away. I save them for a smaller gift I need to wrap in the future. So I wind them around the giant roll it came from and tape the end to keep it from unfurling. But one day, an idea came to me when I saw this:
A box of aluminum foil...

Once it's empty, time to turn it into a Tada!

Give it a little make-over...

Using scissors, glue & an old map...

Measure the panels of the box & cut corresponding strips from the map.
Apply the strips to the box with glue.

Roll the loose sheets of gift wrap around the cardboard roll.
A little tip:
attach the inner end of the gift wrap to the cardboard
roll with some tape.

Tada! A nifty way to organize smaller sheets of gift wrap!
The sharp metal edge helps cut the wrapper to your preferred size
the need for scissors.

Now, wrapping smaller packages will be so much easier!

See you tomorrow for another Tada! idea.

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