10 April 2009

An Easter Wish

Hi Everyone! No crafting today...just a few Tada! images from my neighborhood that announce spring's arrival.

May you have a solemn Good Friday.
May you be blessed with hope & new beginnings
that Easter Sunday brings.
Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. What an interesting blog you have, i'm going to have a browse through. x

  2. Thanks LissyLou! You are very welcome to look around my little home -- touch things, open closets and take something from the fridge =)

  3. Hi Claire, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, i'm so glad you did as i wouldn't of found your fantastic blog. It's so original and there's some really great ideas. All the best, Sue

  4. These are beautiful and I have been observing all the new growth lately too. I made a scrapbook page just about that, this past week. Check it out!

  5. These are such beautiful images! Happy Easter to you Claire.

  6. Thank you Vanessa & Catherine!


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