03 April 2009

An Unexpected Transformation

Thank God it's Friday! I hope you survived the week successfully crossing out a lot of items on your To Do List. I sure did and recycling is one of my priorities. As an end to "Caps and Covers" week, I'll show you how I turned this margarine lid from a blah to a Tada!

First, I cut off the rim to achieve a flat circle. Then I took out my leaf-shape paper punchers and punched away! The lid was thin enough for the puncher to "bite into" but some force is definitely needed.

Using a safety pin (a needle works too), I made a hole on one end of each leaf.

Tada! I made earrings from a lid of a margarine tub!
Go ahead and personalize yours with different puncher shapes, beads & findings.

Have a spectacular Tada! weekend everyone!

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