13 October 2009

Crumbled into Pieces

Turning stale bread from blah to Tada! is this week's theme. We really don't want to waste anything -- even if the bread becomes so hard, it's enough to be used as a weapon!

Slice the bread into cubes and put this in the food processor or blender. Give it a whiz until you're left with this:

Tada! We made breadcrumbs!

Use it as breading for chicken
, fillers for meatballs and toppings for casseroles or macaroni & cheese. Put the left-overs in a resealable bag, label appropriately and store in the freezer.

See you again tomorrow!


  1. Hi there Curious Cat! Hope you enjoy making the breadcrumbs =)

  2. Love this tip! A must on top on mac n cheese!!

  3. I used some frozen, saved crumbs this morning. I browned them in the oven then added broth and seasonings to make homemade dressing. It went well with the sliced turkey and homemade chicken gravy I made.

  4. Wow, that sounds yummy Lisa! Thanks for dropping by =)


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