19 October 2009

Hello Halloween

Happy Monday Everyone! If you're already doing a countdown, you know that Halloween is just around the corner. So for you who marks this as their favorite holiday, I'm devoting the next two weeks for some serious blah to Tada! Halloween ideas.

Today's blah -- old bill envelopes.

We'll use these basic supplies to turn it into a Tada!

By piling the strips of paper on top of each other,
, we've created a mummy envelope!

Use it to hold party invitations.

Or a Halloween greeting card.

You can also use it as an envelope for sweets, tricks & treats.

Please stop by tomorrow for another Tada! idea.


  1. This is such a cute idea for an invite- I'll have to save it for next years party!

  2. How Cute!!! And, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I will be back to check your blog out.

  3. hee hee! so cute! what a great project for kids, too - they'll have fun getting covered in glue!

  4. what a great idea..I love halloween tooo...

  5. Hi there LimdsB, The Desperate Cook, AlexKeller & Lisa! Thanks for stopping by this Monday morning. I wish you a great week!

  6. How cute! What a fun and unique idea! i LOVE Halloween!!

  7. Oh Claire!!! this is adorable!!! I can't wait to see all the other fun halloween cutesies you will come up with!!!

  8. Hello Doodle Girl, Nuit and Slices of Beauty! Glad you like this Mummy envelope =)

  9. What a great Idea for all those junk envelopes! Thank you for thinking out of the "envelope"!

  10. That's cool Rayna! Heehee =) Thanks so much for visiting!


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