22 October 2009

Sweet & Spooky Bag

Candy is one of the reasons why Halloween is so wonderful! To children, it's like currency. The more candy they get, the richer they are.

Today, we're doing a little project to hold all the candy the kiddies will get from trick or treating.
It's a simple project requiring you to rummage through your closet.

An old tank top is today's blah.

Turn it inside out and close the bottom by stitching
both ends together.

Turn it over and make it pretty!
I used white felt for the spiders & letters.

I used a glue gun to stick them on.

Tada! A bag that's spooky yet sturdy for all your Halloween sweets!


  1. Great idea! We all have old tops in our closets, and this is a great way of making something useful out of them! How about clothes-peg bags? I'm always losing mine! Or knitting or craft bags too! The list is endless!
    I know a little girl who would just love a Fairy bag for Halloween! Decorated with sparkles and feathers! Or even as an alternative Christmas stocking!

  2. Good Morning Alice in Wonderland! Your ideas are so fun & wonderful!

  3. what a fun creative site you have - it really is blah to ta da!! Super fun ideas. I'll be using some for sure!!! Thanks for stopping by missing goat.

  4. Claire- You are a wealth of creativity!

  5. What a fabulous idea!!!! Your blog is awesome Claire!!

  6. Thank you for visiting Jeannie! I'm glad you like my ideas =)

  7. What a cute idea! I think even I could make this one. Thanks for your visit, I love meeting new people.


  8. Those cheap plastic bags always seem to get a hole in them and precious candy is lost.

    Great idea and very cute! I have made several tote bags to take grocery shopping out of tank tops, but never thought to make a Halloween bag out of one. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  9. Thank you so much for visiting Sue and Kathryn! =)

  10. thats the cleverest thing i've seen all day. too bad i don't have kids...

  11. kind of been lurking for bout a month and just had to comment on this idea ...i did this to a vs nite tanktop ..and also had planned to do this for my girls trick or treat bags

  12. I liked your idea of making a sweet and shopping bag. Thank you for sharing such a nice information.

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  13. Thank you for visiting Whatthevita, CelticDragonfly and Ram! I really apprecite the comments...you can make a similar bag even if it's not Halloween =)


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