07 October 2009

Keep the Change

This week on my blog, I'm finding new uses for old magazines.

Turn something blah into a Tada!

Okay, not so blah for Twilight fans out there if the stars are on the cover. But if you've read all the pages and turned photos of Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner into wall art, let's turn the magazine into something more useful.

A little bowl, perhaps?
Here's how:

Open it to the centerfold & remove the staple wires
binding the magazine.

Cut each page in half (lengthwise).

Fold each page into eight sections,
overlapping (not alternating) as you go.

Attach the ends together using clear tape
until you
form one really long ribbon.

Tightly wind the paper ribbon into a spiral &
secure the end with tape.

Gently pull up the upper part of the spiral to turn it into a bowl.

Once satisfied with the shape, pour some glue on one side and spread with a foam brush to allow the glue to get into the crevices. Repeat and allow to dry. Do the same on the other side.

Tada! Your very own bowl!

It's a perfect way to store loose change.

Hope to see you again tomorrow!


  1. That is fun! I have dozens of magazines piled in my room...this is something I will definitely try. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. Welcome to my blog Heather!

    Hi Dolce & Sooz...thanks so much for your visit!

  3. I've done the same thing with the strips to make a bright picture frame for a friend. I used snowboarding magazines since they have such vibrant colors in them.

    The bowl is so neat! Perfect for change! I keep my change in a little fishbowl :)

  4. such a good idea - i think even the twilight fans would love it! (and thx for visiting my blog, too)

  5. Good morning PrettyPinkRat! That picture frame sounds fabulous =)

    Thanks for popping in AlexKeller!

  6. Wow Claire, what a great week that you have portrayed with the reuse of magazines. These ideas are amazing. Am gonna try laying my hands with it esp on the bookmarks and labels.

  7. ok. i'm stumped. this is beyond me. never in a million years will i get this ureka moment.


  8. Thanks so much for your comment Fiona! =)

  9. You really do rock...Hope you have a great day...

  10. Omg, so cute! I am loving this week's ideas - I LOVE old mags but hate to throw them away. Thank you!

  11. Hi Lisa! I wish you the same =)

    Hey there Kara...hope you get to do some magazine crafts!

  12. Love your great ideas! I have too many magazines, time to craft. :)

  13. Great idea! Who doesn't have at least a stack of magazines laying around?!

  14. Thanks a billion Darling Savage & Michele!

  15. Oh that is super cute, I love it! I have so many magazines, I try to pass them on to friends, but sometimes I feel bad because I've ripped a few pages out for my "magazine binder". So they sit around waiting for some fun project . . . yay, I like this bowl idea!

  16. Thank you soon-to-be-mommy! I also have a magazine binder (envelope) for inspiring pages =)

  17. Ok I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I have seen items similar for sale at MArshalls Home goods and love them! Even better to make it yourself.

    thanks for stopping by Mi Vida Bonita too!


  18. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Jenna!

  19. Pretty creative! I have quite a few old magazines (ok... more like dozens of them...) just laying around that are just begging to get used for something!

  20. Hi Travis! Thanks for visiting mg blog today =)
    Hope you can put your old magazines to good use!

  21. hey good creative :)


  22. That is the best use of anything Twilight I've seen! I love it!!

  23. You made me giggle, Jo :) Thanks for visiting!


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