20 October 2009

Please Come In!

We've got Halloween on our minds and I have a bunch of ideas especially for this red letter day!

Today's blah -- an old cardboard box, all cut up.

Just flip it over.
Now it's a blank canvas ready to be spruced up.

Paint it. Decorate it. Cover it with glitter.

A sign you can hang on the door of your house or apartment to alert all trick or treaters that they're welcome to knock and that you've prepared something for their candy buckets!


  1. Wonderful! I love it! Perfect for Halloween! xxx

  2. Really great idea! I love it! Now I'm just off to find some boxes and some orange paint!

  3. That's super cute! What kind of paint did you use?

  4. How charming and festive! I like this a lot.

  5. this is cool to no end! and I am definitely going to work on some of these this week :) You know Claire, you inspire me so much sometimes, I just have to become a crafty one myself (for short periods of time or one little cute project every now and then anyway lol)

  6. Oh Woah!!! A very creative Halloween!
    We have started celebrating Halloween in France a few years ago, but nothing big. I would love to be in the US at this time of the year!

  7. Howdy Alice in Wonderland, Dolce, Tom Tuttle, Chanteuse Cherie, Nuit and Elisabelle! Thank you for your enthusiasm on this easy project!

    Dolce...I used acrylic craft paint & a foam brush. The black sections are made using a Sharpie/black permanent marker ;-)

    Nuit...can't wait to see your projects!

    Elisabelle...how fun that you celebrate Halloween in France! It's a great excuse to wear a costume and eat lots of candy :-)

  8. Superb Idea. I liked it. I am really inspired by your idea and I will try this at my home.

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  9. Thank you Ram! I think you'll make a beautiful Halloween sign =)


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