28 October 2009

Gooey Ghosts

We're gearing up for Halloween and if you're up to making a homemade treat, you came at the right time!

Giving marshmallows to trick or treaters...it's a little blah.

But with some magic ingredients (chocolate chips &
white chocolate chips), we'll turn them into a Tada!

Step 1: With clean hands, make one end of the marshmallow pointy.

Step 2: Slip the other end of the marshmallow into a lollipop stick.

Step 3: Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler.
Once the chocolate has melted, dip in the
marshmallows, one at a time.

Step 4: Stick on the chocolate chips to make eyes & a mouth.
Allow chocolate to harden.

Tada! Little candy ghosts or marshmallow mummies!

You can add an extra marshmallow so your ghost has a body.

Serve it at your Halloween party as part of the candy buffet.
Use them as fun party favors.
Hand it to trick or treaters that come a-knockin'.
Keep one for yourself and have a super sweet holiday!


  1. Good morning Trish! Thanks for stopping by =)

  2. OMG...these are cute!

  3. Glad you like 'em Lisa! Thanks for your visit!

  4. claire! i've tagged you in my latest blog post! :)

    belen ♥

  5. Cool Claire! Do you have any children? You would make the best Mum, always keeping them occupied with your creative mind! And yes it is perfect timing as I'm going to a halloween party for children and didn't know what to make. Thanks!

  6. Thanks a bunch Belen, MsVeve and Adriana! Happy Halloween!

  7. my mouth is watering..

    do you know that tada means free in Japanese?

  8. Hi there Lucy! I didn't know that :) "Free" like "free as a bird" or "free" like "you don't have to pay for it"? Either way, I like it!

  9. Thank you Kerri Lynne! Thanks for visiting my blog today :)


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