08 October 2009

Positive Thoughts

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! This week is devoted to re-purposing old magazines.

One can easily get absorbed in a good magazine -- intelligent articles, mouthwatering recipes, stunning photography and mesmerizing fashion! There's no doubt that you can find so much inspiration in this kind of publication.

When you're ready to get rid of a magazine, flip through the pages and cut out your favorite words and pictures. Glue them on a blank sheet of colored paper and Tada!:

You have your own piece of artwork!

Another option is to put together a list of positive phrases. Frame this. Hang it in your office. Look at it every morning. Use it as your morning pep talk. That way you can face the day with lots of enthusiasm and you can ignore any negativity that threatens you.

Sending positive energy your way! See you again tomorrow!


  1. another "why didn't i think of that?" idea. just brilliant.

  2. Sounds like a cute cheap way to decorate my new studio!

  3. Thanks for visiting Good Girls Studio! Happy crafting =)

  4. Thanks a lot Jen B! Hope you're having an inspired day!

  5. Thanks for visiting me! I am so glad you did, your blog is great.

    I just can't seem to part with any of my magazine's I am so happy to see new ways to use them

    all the best,

  6. Oh, I am SO blighted by piles of magazines that I keep because I love a fashion spread or am attracted by an article's font. But, I don't get around to clipping anything.

    I'm always looking for inspiring ways to dig into my day and since I'm trying to be more hands on in my life, this little project fits the bill. Thanks!

  7. I love your blog.. You always have great idea's

  8. Thanks a lot Lisa!

    Hi Clueless Crafter! Welcome to my blog =)

    Hey there Lisa! Appreciate very much your regular visits and comments...hugs =)

  9. awesomeee! i have tons of magazine,,but it breaks my heart to throw them away,,I definitely going to do this project!!! thanks!!!

  10. Thanks Monica! I know you'll have making this!


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