26 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Hooray it's Monday and hooray it's Halloween this weekend!

Today we'll turn some of these cosmetic boxes from blah to...

Tada! All we did was wrap the boxes
in felt (attached using a glue gun).

Then decorated the front with Halloween characters
also made out of felt.

Fill these with sweets to hand out to trick or treaters or use them as party favors for your Hallow's Eve bash.


  1. Claire - ever since you commented on my blog that day, I have loved following along with yours. You are soo creative and talented, what fun ideas! Kudos to you with all your recycling. Love your blog!!

  2. Good morning Adriana! Thanks so much for your comment -- it means a lot! Really! =) Have a good & productive day =)

  3. I've been closely watching all your ideas, and I think that they are all fantastic! It really is surprising what you can do with all these bits and pieces and recycle them!

  4. Thank you, thank you Alice in Wonderland!

  5. Your blog is amazing! You always have such terrific upcycle projects. I also write the Swap-bot.com blog and I link to your projects often. Here is a link to the most recent post: http://blog.swap-bot.com/2009/10/23/friday-link-love-october-23-3009/ (Blah to TADA is the fourth bullet point.)

    Thank you for sharing your creations!

  6. Thanks a lot Rachel! Really, really appreciate the reference to my blog!

  7. Hello Jeannie! Thanks so much for your visit =)

  8. I have said it before but you are amazing and I love your ideas. The Halloween struck home with me as I have 3 small children and so did the Christmas ones Im always looking for new ideas and now I can save some supplies way ahead rather than wait last minute. hope you had a great holiday season and all the best in the new year!!!

  9. Thanks very much for your comment Brandy! I certainly had one of the happiest holidays. I hope you did, too and wish you a bright and beautiful 2010!


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