01 October 2009

It's Take-Out Tonight

There are nights when I'm too exhausted or just not in the mood to cook dinner. Thank goodness for take-out and restaurants that deliver! Maybe you're like me who has a bunch of these delivery menus holding on tightly to the magnet on the fridge door:

Not very cool especially if they're sliding off or
piling up on the kitchen counter.

Since we're in "back to school" mode on my blog this week,
I got this plastic envelope at my neighborhood
office supply store.

It's a simple but sturdy envelope...just a tad too plain.

Blah to Tada! time!
I added this decorative strip to the spine.
It provides a festive touch and tells anyone what's inside.

There's a pocket inside where I wrote down my
favorite restaurants that deliver straight to my door.

Tada! My menus now have a home, freeing the kitchen of clutter!


  1. Hi Claire, thank you for visit my blog:-) ...and so I could read your.... How many beautiful and useful ideas!!!!


  2. you're killing me now--any chance you want to come to London to sort this mess out?

  3. I've been following all these useful tips that you have been leaving...and I just love them all! The only problem that I've had, is that my computer went down, so I've not been able to leave you any comments lately!
    I have missed my P.C. so badly, but now that it's up and running again...well, I'll never stop looking at your brilliant ideas!
    Thanks so much!

  4. This idea is much better than what I do with mine...stuffed in the dish towel drawer & constantly ripped up :)

  5. So cute! I think the quick reference card is such a good idea!

  6. Hi Valeria! Thanks for visiting me too!

    Hello Christina! I would love to visit London again -- it's one of my favorite cities =)

    Howdy Alice in Wonderland! The biggest compliment any crafter/blogger can get is that their tips & ideas are used by others. Thanks so much! So glad you've got your PC back! Yay!

    Hey there Good Girls Studio! Happy organizing =)

    It's so nice to see you again Pretty Pink Rat!

  7. Hi Claire! Thanks for your nice comment. I like all you useful ideas. Thanks for sharing :o)

  8. that was amazing!!! I love your blog...great concept! Take out nights always remind me of Gilmore Girls..good times!

  9. Claire! I am amazed by your creativity in recycling! Every blah to tada project wow me! You just keep it going, i will look forward to more of your fantastic creation!

  10. Thanks for stopping by Manoute!

    Hello Design Dig -- thanks, you're so sweet!

    Aww, Fiona! Thanks so much...I'll do my best to keep going & going =)

  11. Neat idea. I'm someone who does not use the fridge as an info board.

  12. I so need to make time to do this project! The side of my refrigerator is a take-out menu mess! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. And I'm glad I found yours - so inspiring!

  13. Thanks so much for your comments Maya & Cindy! =)

  14. I love take out nights too...cos there's no cooking, no cleaning afterwards...yay!

  15. Hi Trishiekoh! I love your enthusiasm for take-out =) Thanks for visiting!

  16. I love take out too. We have so many menus we have them all shoved in a plain manila file folder. I love how you put the phone numbers of your fav places, I don't get it why some of the menus we have don't have the phone number on it. Yeah weird huh?

    Where we live the only place that delivers is pizza. I miss having chinese being delivered to us!!

  17. Thanks so much for leaving a note Lisa Anne! No phone numbers on the menu? How will you be able to order? That's really weird. I hope someone opens a Chinese take-out soon =) Enjoy your weekend!


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