27 October 2009

Say Cheese!

It's all about Halloween this week and I don't know about you, but I'm getting very excited! Sweets are on my mind and today we're making more treat containers.

Today's blah: empty cream cheese tubs.

Tada! A neat & nifty candy keeper!
We simply covered it with felt (using a glue gun) &
decorated it with
our favorite Halloween icons.

Fill it with candy and you're ready to give
when someone's at the door saying "Trick or Treat!"

Hope to see you again tomorrow!


  1. we don't celebrate halloween much around here, but your boxes and bags are always too cute!!

  2. Thank you very much Anneke! Maybe you can use these ideas for a party or another holiday :-)

  3. I'd love to see a glimpse of your home... I imagine it's full of beautiful crafts from top to bottom...

  4. That is a fantastic idea! And one I could do with my son! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. xoxo

  5. Thanks for your comments Lisa, Eternal Voyageur and RosyRevolver! Happy crafting!

  6. Claire--
    Thanks for coming by Dreaming. I hope you come back soon! How did you find me?
    By the way where have you been all my years of teaching? Your ideas are very creative and I could actually use the with my special needs students.
    I'll be back!!


  7. Thank you very much for visiting Teacher Melinda! I hope your students will get to enjoy some of these ideas!

  8. thanks for all the blog comments! your blog is amazing! i will be checking this one out often for ideas :)

  9. Oh my goodness I am so glad I dropped into your great blog. I love it! Love it!


  10. Thanks so much for visiting Briglioa21 and Chelsea! See you again soon!

  11. Claire, you are just too much! How do you fall asleep at night with all these fabulous ideas in your brain! SO cute!


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