02 October 2009

Tiny Thoughts

We're saying farewell to another week and bidding the "back to school" week on my blog goodbye. We've made a lot of useful things for the home and office using basic school supplies. Today, let's play around with these index cards:

If you can't stop by an office supply store,
you can easily get these at the supermarket or drugstore.

You can get the white ones;
I happen to like
these assorted vibrant colors.

Here's how they go from blah to Tada!:

Decorate it and tuck it in a loved one's current read.

She'll be bowled over by your sweet note.

Or your can make a little card &
for a favorite friend.

Tell her how much you appreciate her friendship.

Then secretly put it inside her purse.
Won't it be exciting when she discovers it?

And for your little one -- a surprise in his
or her lunchbox.

Fashion the index cards into a little lunch box.

Then add an encouraging note inside.
What a boost to the spirits this will be!

Thanks so much for visiting me this week.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh how sweet you are - little notes for people - that is so thoughtful and touching! xxx

  2. WOW! This is a great idea! Much nicer than the ordinary little "post-it" notes that I usually use, and a great idea for gift tags too!
    Thank you for that!

  3. OMG this is the cutest thing I've ever seen. What a great way to put a spin on just leaving little notes in your childs lunch box or for you husband or anyone.

    How did you make the envelope? The yellow one that says Emma?

    I migh do a Halloween spin on these to give to the kids with their treat boxes.

  4. Good Morning Curious Cat, Alice in Wonderland and Lisa Anne! So happy you like my tiny thoughts =) I made the envelope by folding one end and gluing the sides. You can curve the pointy edges with scissors. Have a good weekend girls!

  5. I love the lunch note! That's so cute!

  6. These are too cute. I've been on a "snail mail" kick lately, sending letters to my friends, but this is so cute, and more creative! I'm going to sneak one to my honey the next time I see him. I'm thinking wallet sized ;)

  7. I LOVE this, so sweet and cute! Just perfect! Alright Claire, you got my hands itchy now and i am going to try this out!


  8. So sweet! I love leaving little notes for my favorite people to find :O)

  9. Hello PrettyPinkRat! Hooray for hand-written letters =) You've got one lucky honey!

    Hi Fiona...I'm very sure you'll create fantastic little notes!

    You're so sweet Susan! Bless your heart =)

    Thanks dear Stephanie!

  10. So cute! I'm completely addicted to 3x5 cards.

  11. sweet Claire. lovely gestures that do so much for the soul.

  12. This is such a good idea! And so nice. You really have great ideas, Claire xxx

  13. Thank you Tom Tuttle and Sunniva! I wish you wonderful surprises this weekend =)

  14. Awwww that's to cute and sweet..love your great Idea..hope you have a great weekend too...

  15. Ooo coloured index cards. I always have a pile on my desk and use them for all sorts of ideas. I think we share our love for stationery! :)

  16. Howdy Woollywotnots! Yes, yes, I'm a big fan of stationery =)

  17. adorable! And so much cheaper than cardstock. Great idea!!

  18. Hi there Teresa! Yes, these are cheaper than cardstock!

  19. This is such an amazing blog. I love the stuff you do. I'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow for her birthday and I'm making one of these cards right now.

    Thanks for all of the cool projects!!

  20. Welcome to my blog Jamie! I hope your friend loved the little card you made =) Please visit again!


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