03 March 2011

Wrist-y Business

If you've been following my blog, you know that
I like making jewelry from recycled odds & ends.
I've made earrings, necklaces, brooches and cuffs:

Here's one I made using the cardboard ring that once
contained packing tape.

And here's another one made of covered bottle caps.

I've got a little crush on a good black cuff, so it's no surprise
that I'm making another one.

This time using these blah empty paper towel rolls.

It's simple: Cut the paper towel roll into rings
{about 6 to 8 pieces}.

Make a slit on one end of each ring.

Pile them on top of each other to make a letter C,
gluing them together as you go along.
Use a binder clip if necessary to hold these in place.
Once the glue has dried, trim the excess cardboard
for a clean edge.

Then cover the cardboard cuff with fabric scraps
in the color of your choosing.

Now the fun part -- decorating!

I sewed on clear beads, silver findings and
this antique-looking clasp.

The clasp helps tighten the cuff.
I suggest you wear the cuff first & mark the area
where you want to place the clasps before
sewing them on.

A ribbon & buckle, a button & elastic tape or a
lock & chain are possible alternatives to help you
adjust the size and add decorative value as well.

Happy crafting!


  1. ,,,oh my!,,,this has to be one of my fav projects,,,love, love, LOVE!!!,,,(smile)

  2. Thanks Rebecca! Your enthusiasm is infectious! :)

  3. Wow... this is a lovely one! I love these bangles! Gotto try them!

  4. Thanks Carolyn! I hope to see what you make :)

  5. Hi Claire! love, love, love the bracelet cuff... will have to try one soon! have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks so much Anita! I'm having a good weekend, hope you are, too! :)


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