25 March 2011

Secret Stash

Happy Friday!
All this week, I found inspirations all over the web
on how to recycle old books.

Today, I'm back at the craft table to give
you my take on turning a forlorn book
from blah to TADA!

Blah: an old hardbound book

Blah: an old box

Step 1: Detach the pages from the hard cover
using a quick slice with a box cutter.

Step 2: Remove any existing tabs from the box with scissors.

Step 3: Save the inside front & back cover of the book --
they're usually blank. Also detach these from the
hard cover with scissors.

Step 4: Use the blank pages from the book to cover
the sides of the box so you hide any print or letters.
Use glue & allow to dry.

Step 5: At this point, attach some lace or ribbon to the box
using hot glue. This will serve as a closing mechanism.

Step 6: Center the box inside the hardbound cover
and attach (top & bottom) with hot glue.

TADA! What was a sad book & an empty box
is now a sensational storage solution!

Fill it with your treasures like jewels
or secret vices like chocolate.

If you stack it with your other books,
no one will ever know where you
hide your secret stash!

Have a fun weekend!

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  1. I love, love this, Claire..what a perfect idea for those old books and empty boxes. Truly recycled:)


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