31 March 2011

Fit for a Tea Party

Here is today's blah:

Pretty plates, a candle stick, salt & pepper shakers.
I found these in my kitchen waiting,
waiting, waiting to be used.

Well I told them, "Today's your lucky day!"
I'm giving them a blah to TADA! transformation.
And super glue was all I needed.

TADA! A gorgeous cake stand if I should
say so myself.

Let's add another layer, using an empty shaker &
a medium-sized plate.
Apply super glue in between & let dry.

Ready for another layer?

Why not?
TADA! A multi-tier dessert stand that
will be your excuse for a tea party!

Whether it's home-baked goodies or
bakery-bought treats, this stand will welcome
each sugar-dusted confection with open arms!


  1. ,,,a very sweet idea to display sweets,,,

  2. Here's to all things sweet! Thanks Rebecca!

  3. Love the stands. But what do you plan on doing with all of them??? Just wondering.

  4. i love "homemade" cake pedestals. awesome job!

  5. Well I'll be..even salt and pepper shakers:) Great ideas Claire.

  6. Wow! What an awesome idea! Just LOVE your blog. How creative are you...wow...!

  7. Beautiful! Would love to have tea with you and your lovely creations!! :)

  8. Thanks Ladies! I'm happy you like this version as much as I do :)

    Hi Anonymous -- too many cakestands isn't a problem. :) I can use it for food and non-food items and if I get tired of the look or lack storage space, I'll use a glue gun instead of hot glue for easy dismantling. :)

  9. I make my cake stands using old tea cups to separate the plates and use putty to hold these together. Then when I need to separate them, I just pop them off. I like the salt shaker version very much, too.

  10. Thanks for the nifty tip Gabricci! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  11. Oh! This is so so so very cute n a clever idea. I have to do this TADA too!!! Blah to Tada's are so funny. Like pops of emotions.

  12. Thanks so much for visiting Rukmini! :)


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