29 March 2011

Cookies for Company

Thank you for coming over today!

This week, I'm neck-deep into making my own

cake stands. I just find these adorable &

extra points if they're home made.

Here's an easy one using glass & ceramic:

You may have a bunch of unused plates, a glass jar

or a votive holder in your cupboards.

Individually, they may lack

personality -- a little bit blah.

But pair them together...

...they become TADA!

With the help of some super glue,

they are now elevated plates that

command attention.

Use them to display cookies & sweets

for your next gathering.

Bon appetit!


  1. Those would make great displays for jewlery and small items at a craft show. I am thinking I might have to make up a few for our shows this year. Good idea. Super cheep too.

  2. I know I have some odds and ends of dishes that would make great cake/cookie stands. Thank you for the reminder Claire.

  3. The cake/cookie stands are great! Thanks for sharing!
    (Love the stuff you put on them, too. Made me hungry!!)

  4. Thanks ladies for your sweet words! This is a great excuse to craft, bake and eat! :)


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