21 March 2011

Old Books

Happy new week everyone!

I've been going through my bookshelf, putting aside the books that I'll forever keep and books that I'm ready to part with. I'm planning to donate these for others to enjoy. In this exercise, I've been thinking about books in general and how e-readers are slowly replacing books. Sigh. It makes me sad.

Books that are still in good shape need to be shared. Books that are missing some pages, well...that's a blah waiting to be a TADA!

This week, I'll be sharing some ideas on how to reuse books. They aren't my ideas but I assure you that by Friday, I'll do some crafty recycling, okay?

Today's idea came from the brilliant mind of {Oprah's} interior designer Nate Berkus:

image via The Nate Show

TADA! A coffee table made of books & a tray.

image via The Nate Show

TADA! A desk created from two stacks
of books and a piece of glass.

Talk about space saving & versatile.
Genius, right?


  1. oh my! I have many books still in boxes and no table or desk - this is the option for me!!!!
    Great, thank you. And I can't wait for other ideas!
    Spring hugs!

  2. I wish I had more books so I could make a fun new table! I bet it's hard to get them exactly even. Really nice..


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